Managed Security Services individual (MSSi)

MSS-i is a standalone Product provided by Swisscom, it provides managed firewall or web application firewall services. It is possible to combine this service with DCS. Therefore a separate contract for MSS-I has to be signed.

Order through the DCS portal

  • a specialist will contact you to define the solution with you.
  • non-binding offer until concrete offering
  • becomes effective when you sign the separate contract of MSS-I

Below you will find a brief extract from the service description:

On the basis of the security policy provided by the Customer, a security concept is developed together with the Customer and is then implemented as a security infrastructure. Swisscom then monitors and operates the security systems (Managed Objects) for the Customer using the Managed Perimeter Security Services.

Swisscom monitors the status and operational capability of the Managed Objects. The Customer shall be notified in case of any incident. The Customer may obtain information regarding the status of its security infrastructure via the security dashboard. The Managed Objects are actively managed and repaired if necessary.

For further information please refer to the MSS-I Factsheet

Changes in customers vDC

Please note, that configuration changes in your virtual environment (e.g. virtual network configuration) are not processed by MSS-I. Please contact Swisscom Professional Services, in case you need support in configuring your vCD environment.

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